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This welding cabin is designed and made by welding specialists. Originated from our own needs, where productivity, convenience and quality are paramount. Due to the modular design, this cabin can be configured according to customer requirements, making it suitable for various applications. Certified according the international laser safety standard IEC 60825-1:2014.

The welding cabin is suitable for:


Certified for safety, extremely suitable for laser welding


Make your cobot extra safe with a cabin with integrated extraction

Mig-mag-tig welding

An organized welding department with the best conditions

Measuring chamber

Very suitable for carrying out measuring activities

Standard equipped with:

Acoustic sandwich panels

The walls are made of perforated sandwich panels with a rock wool core for optimal sound absorption. Despite the perforation, the panel remains strong and fireproof. The standard size is 3.7 x 4.9 x 3 meters, other sizes are also available. Standard color RAL9002


The ceiling consists of sandwich panels with an EPS core, an efficient extraction system can optionally be integrated. The roof can be walked on for maintenance and cleaning work.


For the perfect view, the cabin is equipped with LED lighting. By placing it in the corners, you are not in your own shadow.

Viewing window

The cabin is equipped with a viewing window. With laser welding, special laser-safe glass is placed.


The cabin is equipped with two opening doors including solid hinges and locks. The daylight size is 2,000 x 2,300 mm. The doors are fully equipped with sealing rubbers.


The cabin can be put together according to customer wishes. Due to the modular construction, different sizes with all kinds of options can be selected. In this way, the cabin can be made specifically suitable for your application.
View all options here:

Extractor hood

The cabin can be expanded with an integrated extractor hood. Thanks to a smart construction at the bottom of the cabin, fresh air is sucked in and laser light cannot radiate outwards. The cabin can be connected to an exhaust system by means of 2 connections of Ø250mm.

Door switch (interlock)

A safe welding cabin is equipped with a door switch (interlock). When the door is opened, the welding machine is interrupted.

  • Prevents unsafe radiation when door is opened
  • Keep the door for the welding specialist free at all times in case of emergency
  • Switch in dual circuit

Tear plate floor

The floor in the cabin can be fitted with tear plate

  • Anti-slip provides extra safety
  • Nice sleek finish

Electronic indication

With an electronic indicator on the outside of the cabin, it can be indicated when welding is taking place.

Infra panel

It is possible to provide a wall panel with infrastructure connections. Possible options are welding gas connection, compressed air, electricity, ethernet.

Full service?

It is of course possible to deliver the cabin including welding table or other supplies.

These COMPANIES preceded you

Cooperation Migatronic

“Migatronic have since 1970 supplied traditional welding machines for MMA/MIG/MAG/TIG and plasma, and also laser in our automated solutions. With the arrival of handheld laser welding manufactured by IPG Photonics in our portfolio we have now enter a new market with a to Migatronic known technology, because we have the experience from automated laser welding solutions. Having this knowledge about laser welding comes with an obligation to the safety aspect of such welding process, as a laser welding in many ways is very different to other welding methods. At Migatronic we do not cut any corners or spare any expense when it comes to supply safe to use solutions, also for handheld laser welding. The laser source made by IPG Photonics comes with verified European safety/CE declaration, allowing it to be used for handheld laser welding, if this takes place in a safe environment. Migatronic turned to weldingcabin.com. for their expertise and input to how this safe enclosure shall be designed and manufactured and weldingcabin.com very professionally assisted us in getting the right solutions for our customers. We recently took delivery of our demo room enclosure for the handheld laser welding demonstration facility, and it matches all our expectations to a safe solution to enclosure manual laser welding. A safe solution for the operator isn’t always a given, but with a solution from Migatronic using best in class suppliers and our extensive welding expertise, our customers always reach their targets, safely”

Project Sales Manager Klaus Waenerlund Kristensen Migatronic-automation

The solution for good manual laser welding

"This cabin is the ideal solution for us to be able to carry out manual laser welding in a safe, enclosed space. Another advantage is that we can immediately make good separations between different materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We have installed the cabin in the welding department. extensively tested for laser welding and incorporated this feedback into the further development of the cabin."

Welding specialist Berto Iprenburg WE-Metal B.V.

Curious about the possibilities?

We are happy to talk to see what we can do for you. Leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible. We are also open to cooperation with integrators, suppliers of welding equipment or other resellers.

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